A Software for Capturing and Visualising Geometric and Textual Data

The web-based application GenericViewer has been serving the processing and provision of the huge amount of data collected since November 2012. 3D-data used in this project is captured using terrestrial laser scanning and panoramic photography. The following screencast (voiceover in German) gives an overview of the functional features.

Watch the video at:


Spatial Contexts

The software offers the possibility of tagging textual sources with locations as well as correlating them with the geometric data. Thus it is possible e.g. to tag objects of interest such as inscription-bearing objects in panoramic photographies.


Both textual data and associated geometric (measuring) data can be stored in the application, so that the data doesn’t have to be extracted from external sources on demand each time.

Data Upload

The collected textual and measuring data can be uploaded from the program via standardised interfaces.


Annotations on texts and the geometric data are visualized in an intergrated representation. Different analytical perspectives can be added to the geometric data as different semantic layers. A case in point would be the display of all objects that have been placed into a church interior after the Reformation.