i3mainz - Institute for Spatial Information and Surveying Technology, Hochschule Mainz

i3mainz - Institute for Spatial Information and Surveying Technology

The institute has knowledge and experience in the fields of image processing, photogrammetry, remote sensing, surveying, 3D visualisation, internet development and software engineering.

Present application areas are archaeology, history and cultural heritage, geology and landscape visualisation, development of technologies for photogrammetric stereo and multi-image processing, 3D scanning, geo-data and Internet, digital city models and environmental information systems.

Consultations, project assistance, application development as well as development of software solutions are offered, and complete research projects are carried out. The institute is equipped with a wide range of devices for data recording and processing. Besides on software, it can rely on the leading software products for the above mentioned fields.

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Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz

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The Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz is an interdisciplinary academic society but it also appears as the responsible body of research projects and as the organizer of scientific conferences and symposia. The focus of the academic work is on the area of long-term basic research, which usually isn't promoted by other research institutions (German Research Foundation, the Max-Planck-Society, major research institutions or universities). The Academy in Mainz currently oversees, including the third-party funds, over 40 research projects in eleven federal states. The basic equipment, granted by the Land Rhineland-Palatinate, and the common research funding of the academy projects through the federal and state governments archieves together with third-party funds and more than 200 employees, an annual budget of around 13 million euros. Concerning the scientific preparation and the develelopment of the project as well as the supporting of a first measurement project in the church of St. Michaelis in Hildesheim, the Academy in Mainz has worked closely with the Commission for Inscriptions of the Academy of Sciences at Göttingen.                  

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