Project completion for the Academy, Software ready to go

27.05.2015 by Felix Lange

The Academy of Sciences and Literature, on of two project partners, completed its work in april. Here are the results.

With respect to software development, the capturing and annotation software GenericViewer has been completed. The package can be downloaded and tested locally without much installation huzzle, thanks to the virtualization environment "Vagrant". The source code is available for download and forking on Github.

Work in the Humanities package is also done:

  • In case studies and conceptual works, Frithjof Schwartz has looked into theoretical foudnations of space-related epigraphy as well as implications for epigraphic objects in the Liebfrauenkirche church in Oberwesel. A paper from Martin Unold and Felix Lange answered general questions about the value of 3D-data as a historical source.
  • For Oberwesel, all egigraphic objects have been connected to the respective point cloud geometries, which were derived in a scanning campaign and captured in the GenericViewer. This data facilitates integrated research on spatial geometry and text.
  • We have made some interesting findings on Oberwesel's history in the regional archives. The results can can be seen in the form of abstracts on this website.