Building Bridges: IBR hosts joint discussion at DH Lausanne and IMC Leeds

04.07.2014 by Frithjof Schwartz in Conferences & Workshops

At the upcoming Conferences DH2014 in Lausanne and the International Medieval Congress in Leeds next week, the IBR team will host a virtual Round Table Discussion that connects participations of both events via broadcasting technology to discuss spatial aspects in medieval texts and the potential of the Digital Humanities.

This year the IMC in Leeds and DH2014 in Lausanne are held simultaneously Both congresses have a great reputation as established platforms for discussing and showcasing new research approaches in their respective disciplines. Realizing the increasing impact of contributions from Digital Humanities in Leedslast year we thought it important to foster a more intense scientific exchange between the Digital Humanities and Mediaevalists. Thus, the idea was born to host a virtual Round Table Discussion between that connects both events.

In recent years the interest in and acceptance of the Digital Humanities in the established Humanities disciplines has increased, not only because the transition of scholarly knowledge into the digital realm demands proper handling of the data, but also because DH has proven its ability to generate  new insights. It is crucial, however, that both fields do not just accept this change passively, but rather  shape its future path actively.
Therefore, we seek to deepen the current interdiciplinary dialogue by initiating a Round Table Discussion on the impact and perspectives of studying the spatial aspects of medieval written sources.
The session is divided in two related, but independent parts. Conference participants are welcome to attend one or both events.

Time and Place
Tuesday 8th July

  • Lausanne 14-16 pm, EPFL Campus, BP Building, Room 1227
  • Leeds 13-15 pm, Session 698, Parkinson Building, Chemistry Lecture Theatre D

Detailed Program
    Approaches to spatial information incorporated in medieval texts (Leeds, 13-14 pm; Lausanne 14-15 pm)
    Discussion on spatial aspects in Medieval Research and in the Digital Humanities (Leeds, 14-15 pm; Lausanne 15-16 pm)

Dr. James Cummings (UCL, Bartlett School of Architecture) Lausanne

Prof. Dr. Julian Gardner (Univ. of Warwick) Leeds

Prof. Dr. Sible de Blaauw (Radboud Univ. Nijmegen) Leeds

Prof. Dr. Kai-Christian Bruhn (Fachhochschule Mainz) Lausanne

Dr. Sam Griffiths (UCL London) Leeds

Dot Porter MA MSLS (Dir. Archiv. Schoenberg Inst., Univ. of Pennsylvania) Lausanne

Prof. Dr. Roberto Rosselli del Turco (Univ. di Torino) Lausanne

Dr. Frithjof Schwartz (Akademie der Wissenschaften u. d. Literatur Mainz) Leeds

See also the workshop announcement in the official program at DH2014.