Building Bridges: IBR hosts joint discussion at DH Lausanne and IMC Leeds

04.07.2014 by Frithjof Schwartz in Conferences & Workshops

At the upcoming Conferences DH2014 in Lausanne and the International Medieval Congress in Leeds next week, the IBR team will host a virtual Round Table Discussion that connects participations of both events via broadcasting technology to discuss spatial aspects in medieval texts and the potential of the Digital Humanities.

IBR Long Paper at DH2014 in Lausanne

04.07.2014 by Felix Lange in Conferences & Workshops

Martin Unold and Felix Lange will hold a lecture at the Digital Humanities Conference DH2014 in Lausanne next week.

IBR at the Dhd Conference 2014 in Passau

19.03.2014 by Felix Lange in Conferences & Workshops

IBR will give a lecture at the annual conference of the Association for Digital Humanities in German in Passau, on the 27th of March.

Thoughts on the DH Summer School in Bern

30.06.2013 by Julia Ganitševa in Conferences & Workshops

The First DH Summer School in Bern, Switzerland took place from Juni 26th to June 29th . IBR project members Martin Unold and Julia Ganitševa had used the opportunity to attend this event, absorb new information and occasionally pick up some new ideas for our project.