Inscriptions in their Spatial Context

It is perhaps the most distinctive feature of inscriptions as a text genre, that they have a physical place, that is a certain position in space. In many cases, their meaning and purpose cannot be established without considering their placement and surroundings, take e.g. memorial or foundational inscriptions. Nevertherless, epigraphy has not received much attention in the emerging field of Spatial Humanities. This research project sets out to change that. We are developing a methodology and corresponding software tools to relate inscriptions to their spatial context, using cutting-edge geoinformatic methods and semantic technologies.

Further informations on the project


Project completion for the Academy, Software ready to go

27.05.2015 by Felix Lange

The Academy of Sciences and Literature, on of two project partners, completed its work in april. Here are the results.

Screencast: The GenericViewer in action

08.04.2015 by Felix Lange

As the project draws to a close, we are also finishing our software development tasks. Pre-relase, we issued a screencast showing the basic features of our "GenericViewer".

Spatial-Humanities-Workshop mit den "Relationen im Raum"

30.01.2015 by Felix Lange in Tagungen & Workshops

Das Arbeitstreffen wurde vom eHumanities-Projekt „Relationen im Raum“ initiiert und vom 28. bis 29. Januar vom Essener Steinheim Institut für deutsch-jüdische Geschichte als RiR-Projektpartner in Essen veranstaltet.

Building Bridges: IBR hosts joint discussion at DH Lausanne and IMC Leeds

04.07.2014 by Frithjof Schwartz in Conferences & Workshops

At the upcoming Conferences DH2014 in Lausanne and the International Medieval Congress in Leeds next week, the IBR team will host a virtual Round Table Discussion that connects participations of both events via broadcasting technology to discuss spatial aspects in medieval texts and the potential of the Digital Humanities.

IBR Long Paper at DH2014 in Lausanne

04.07.2014 by Felix Lange in Conferences & Workshops

Martin Unold and Felix Lange will hold a lecture at the Digital Humanities Conference DH2014 in Lausanne next week.